Moho Books is a small publisher focusing on books with a strong sense of place, including travel-related titles, biography and social history. We also publish out-of-print works of particular historical or social interest and those which have simply been 'forgotten', but which we feel deserve to be back on the shelves.

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Travels through a limestone landscape in southwest France

by Helen Martin

In this updated and expanded edition of her well-loved classic, Helen Martin takes you on a journey through the Lot department of southwest France.

Writing with insight and affection about an area she has known for more than forty years, the author introduces you to a glorious land of thyme-scented limestone uplands and orchid-filled meadows, of meandering rivers and ancient farmsteads, golden and drowsing in the afternoon sun... (more information)

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Moondrop to Gascony

by Anne-Marie Walters

Foreword by Professor M R D Foot

Introduction, postscript & notes by David Hewson

This vivid account of the life of an SOE agent parachuted into southwest France in 1944, is now being brought back into print by Moho Books. David Hewson's explanatory notes unravel the hidden identities of many of the characters and take up the story of what happened to Anne-Marie after the war.

On a cold, moonlit night in January 1944, Anne-Marie Walters, just 20 years old, parachuted into southwest France to work with the Resistance in preparation for the long-awaited Allied invasion. (more information)

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So Old a Ship

Twilight of the Arab Dhow

by Marion Kaplan

Postscript by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Ocean-going Arab dhows were fast disappearing when, in 1974, National Geographic published Twilight of the Arab Dhow by Marion Kaplan, a British-born photojournalist and writer then based in Kenya.

For a firsthand view of the ancient trading voyage Marion Kaplan travelled from Kuwait to Dubai on a small Gulf dhow, then from Dubai to Mombasa and down the African coast aboard a larger dhow. She began her voyage as passenger. She ended it as crew. (more information)

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France: Reflections & Realities

by Marion Kaplan

London-born Marion Kaplan is, first of all, a photojournalist. So her new book on France, where she has lived for 25 years, France: Reflections and Realities, includes more than 200 photos.

They range from ducks beside her rural pond to a maker of quality Armagnac, to Le Corbusier's renowned Ronchamp chapel, to the ravishing Corsica coast, to gorgeous chateaux and glorious churches, dedicated cheesemakers, stunning landscapes and views from Biarritz to Bretagne. (more information)

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Marble and Mud: Around the World in 80 Years

by Marion Kaplan

Photography in all seven continents and wildly different islands inspired photojournalist Marion Kaplan to pack the madly mixed results -- old photos in black-and-white to sparkling digital colour -- into one book. Along with her text blending history, personal viewpoint and anecdote, here is an exuberant view of much of the world as she found it. (more information)

Available from 30 September 2020

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